Kids Tshirt (Logo/ White,Red,Black)
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Kids Tshirt (Logo/ White,Red,Black)

¥3,300 税込


  • Black / 90

  • Black / 100

  • Black / 110

  • Black / 120


  • Black/150


  • White×Black / 90

  • White×Black / 100


  • White×Black / 110


  • White×Black / 120


  • Red /90

  • Red/100

  • Red /110

  • Red /120

カウブックスのアイコンである牛のロゴマークの入った、キッズサイズのTシャツです。ボディのフロントにシルクスクリーンプリント。ネックの内側にも小さく牛のロゴマーク入り。シンプルなデザインは、性別を問わず着用いただけます。サイズは90㎝/100cm/110cm/120cm 。90㎝サイズは肩口にスナップボタンがついています。お誕生日祝いにおすすめしたい一品です。兄弟姉妹でお揃いもかわいいですね。カラーは、ホワイト、レッド、ブラック。 90:着丈36㎝×身幅29㎝×肩幅24㎝×袖丈11㎝ 100:着丈40㎝×身幅31㎝×肩幅28㎝×袖丈12㎝ 110:着丈44㎝×身幅33㎝×肩幅30㎝×袖丈13㎝ 130:着丈51㎝×身幅37㎝×肩幅34㎝×袖丈15㎝ Kids T-shirt with printed logo. Available in 4 sizes . 90cm comes with wearing assist snap button at shoulder. Size 90:length36㎝×width29㎝ ×shoulder 24㎝×sleeve11㎝ 110:length44㎝×width33㎝ ×shoulder30㎝×sleeve13㎝ 130:length51㎝×width37㎝ ×shoulder34㎝×sleeve15㎝ 【Attention for Overseas Customers】 After your item(s) purchase confirmation, we will be sending you the 2nd e-mail with the shipping fee details where the shipping invoice to your destination county/region is to be attached. The purchased item(s) is/are to be shipped shortly after we confirm the shipping fee payment. Please excuse the inconvenience of 2 separate payments (i.e. one for item(s) + one for shipping),and that there might occur some time lag in-between as we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Our aim is simply to reduce your over paying for international shipping. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.